Today’s tip is on how you Internet Marketer’s can “pre-segment” your customers even *before* they’ve managed to get into your Aweber email list. In this post, I will be showing you a live example of this Aweber script working and also giving you the opportunity to download the script and give you an installation guide showing you how to use it.

The script that I will be providing today *could be* modified to be used on other systems – however, this tutorial will focus on integrating an Aweber auto-responder list with WordPress.

Why would you want to “pre-segment” your email list?

Well, basically this would help you to work out which visitors on your site are Hot, Warm or Freezing Cold prospects. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that people signing up for your news updates had some particular interest in your products even before they got onto your list?

And all you really have to do is ask them a simple question…

Let’s look at a Live Demo of this Script in Action!

Okay, the form below is a fully functional working prototype of this script. A couple of points to note:

  1. This script will be developed into a full blown WordPress plugin if there is enough interest.
  2. The script will only be available for download during the next 5 days.
    On Wednesday 21st, the auto-responder sequence message will be amended so you will not be able to download the file.
    (If you want it – get it NOW!)
  3. The first 150 readers to sign-up will receive a free copy of the plugin (if and when we create the plugin).
  4. The next 150 readers that sign up will get 50% discount on the final price of the new plugin (if and when we create it! Again – this will be based on demand, so if you like the idea then email it to a friend and get them to sign up. If there’s no interest in this plugin then it’s pointless building it – right?)

  5. install-guide-cover.jpg

    Please, please, please check the box that is appropriate for you below – remember, this is a live system. I’m actually going to practice what I preach and show you step-by-step how list segmentation can be done using my own Aweber list and showing you how to do this for real.
  6. Yes, this is cunning way to get people onto my email list but -to be fair- I have provided the script, the form, the CSS and an installation guide showing you how you can do this too!

One thing I want to stress is that I’m sure that all 300 spaces for the discounted places will not go very quickly so don’t feel too rushed or concerned about signing up straight away. I tend to get few readers for my tips and I doubt that something like this won’t be downloaded too quickly or emailed onto friends…

So… let’s have a look at the demo:

[sniplet signup form]


  1. If you would like to check the system, please use the 3rd options – yes, it *will* work as this is a fully functioning demo!
  2. The script download only comes with Option #1 – if you’re not into Internet Marketing, why would you need this script? :P

As you can see, the Aweber opt-in form I have above has 3 radio buttons. This effectively breaks down to a “Hot/Yes” prospect (Internet Marketing), a “Warm/Maybe” prospect (Just WordPress Plugins) and a “Cold/NO” prospects. Just by asking 1 question, it is possible to pre-filter your list and work out who exactly *is* interested and, more importantly, the level of their interest in your products/services.

Well, that’s about it from me for this post. If you would like to use this script and learn how to implement it, then add your name and email address, check the top radio button and sign up now!

In my next post, I’ll be discussing the inspiration for this script and the reasons why I created it. All you Internet Marketers might be interested in reading that one – it’s about how you can go from messing things up royally to fixing your errors and getting back on track!

PS: if you’re lucky, at some point I’ll let you in on how you can create those product and cover shots for yourself… ;)