We’ve just updated our WordPress FAQ-Tastic plugin to version 0.9. This fixes an issue that some people were experiencing with the votings system not working properly. Please feel free to download version 0.9 of our WordPress Frequently Asked Questions plugin.

If you experience any issues with FAQ-Tastic then simply email us at faqtastic_bugs[at]knowledgeconstructs.com (note: please replace the [at] with @). We welcome feedback – it’s the only way of making FAQ-Tastic (and our other future plugins) better!

Thanks for all of you have submitted some of your wishlist ideas. While development of FAQ-Tastic may be on hold for the moment, we still value your ideas. At some point in the future, we aim to update FAQ-Tastic to make it even more fantastic!

Please send us your ideas of how we can improve our FAQ plugin to faqtastic_wishlist[at]knowledgeconstructs.com (note: please replace the [at] with @).

Finally, we’d love to hear from you about how you’re using FAQ-Tastic or even if you’re using it in a different way than it was intended. Let us know and we’ll make link to your site.