stangetz.jpgI’ve just installed WordPress 2.2 aka Getz (after Stan Getz). Basically as a test to see if there’d be any issues with the various WordPress plugins that I’m currently using or looking to use.

And Getz is Good. So far.

Am I running it on this site. Don’t be silly – personally, I like to try things out and make sure they’re okay instead of doing something crazy. The last time I did that, I lost my WordPress Theme. Won’t be making that mistake again!

So, if you head over to my Sandbox area – the test site I created just to check things – you’ll see a couple of posts and plugin tests I’m currently doing with WordPress version 2.2 aka Getz!

Okay, so what’s the upshot of all of this?

Like I say, this is purely a test – it would be really funny if this site starts ranking… :)

So far, Ultimate Tag Worrier :P works (bit of an issue with the Tagyu suggestions button at the moment), Adsense Deluxe – no problem. KQF has been installed and works. Another WordPress Meta is good and works. Google Sitemap is peachy. Akismet – the usual… works without fuss.

Video embedding – extremely easy now. Looks like you *can* embed YouTube video into the new version of WordPress 2.2 without that issue which was caused by the TinyMCE editor! Simply hit the “Code”