Yeah, I know… I’ve been away for a really long time. Too long. Don’t expect me to make up excuses and apologise for my absence.

I’m back with a renewed focus. I’ve been working on getting FAQ-Tastic properly released. And some of you may already know there’s a Pro version in the pipeline. Well… It’s nearly here. So sorry for the delay (nuts… I just apologised didn’t I? Damn my Englishness).

Well there’s a snag with the new FAQ-Tastic plugin… Last Saturday saw the release of WordPress 2.5 (a.k.a Brecker – after “an exceptionally talented saxophonist” Michael Brecker. Who knew? Who cares?). Now I got to test with this new version…

Anyway, I’ve only just managed to download WordPress 2.5 and start having a play with it today. This “Brecker” version *is* pretty cool and has some *really* (and I mean *REALLY*) cool features…But one thing troubles me:


OMG, do you realise how serious it is for your average Internet Marketer if they’ve taken the slugs away?LOL… okay, don’t worry. They’ve not taken the page slugs away – it’s just not intuitively found. Most bloggers wouldn’t think of changing their page slugs but for anyone serious about Search Engine Optimization, changing the page slugs is ESSENTIAL!

So I’m going to show you how. And cause I’m nice, I’m going to give you pictures too (actually, they’re screenshots for a new ebook I’m doing)

Okay… are you ready? Here’s how you do it. Click the image below for a better look at this.


  1. Type in a Post or Page Title
  2. Click onto the body area of the new Visual Editor
  3. Wait a couple of seconds for the Post/Page to save itself as a draft
  4. You should now have a line of text just underneath the Title
  5. Find the “edit” link and click on it


  6. Tweak the Slug and add your keywords to it (standard SEO blah blah blah)
  7. Hit “Save”
  8. Go have a cigarette.

Like I say, initially I couldn’t find the Page Slugs and *FREAKED OUT*. Thankfully, it’s still there… *phew*, so don’t worry if you can’t find it at first – I did the same thing!
Anyway, I can’t stop and be chatting here all day – no time to write long posts anymore. I’ve got an FAQ plugin to test and make sure works on the new version of WordPress 2.5.

As much as I like this new version of WordPress, it does mean a lot of work – especially seeing as I did a guide (which I didn’t release) and is now redundant. Oh well.:(

Fingers crossed that FAQ-Tastic works on 2.5.

Wish me luck :)