stomperlogo_trans.gif *THIS IS NOT A PITCHFEST*

It’s 7:15am in Atlanta. I’ve been up since 4:30am. My mind has been buzzing from the exciting and extraordinary developments from the StomperNet Live event. Flying in from England and booking into the Marriott has been expensive. Has it been worth it? S*&% Yeah!

Those of you who are Internet Marketers will understand what I mean by a*pitchfest* – we go to conferences, learn a new technique and gain some really cool information about developments in the industry and then BAMMM, the speaker goes on pitches his latest course… Not for $4999. Not for $3500. Not even for $2000 but for a special conference price of…

Doesn’t that just suck?

And the worst thing is, a lot of us still buy the latest tool or course thinking that somehow this is going to make all the difference to the money going out trying to build our online product or affiliate site. It doesn’t.

So what’s different about the StomperNet Live 2007 event? Let me just say – it is not a pitchfest. There’s much more to StomperNet than meets the eye… I get into the Marriott in Atlanta on Thursday at around 11:00pm, check in and head up to my room. I grab a meal and some sleep. But I can’t sleep. Jet lag and too much excitement.

I get up early – around 6:30 – get washed and head downstairs around 7:00am ish and guess who I see standing outside, smoking a cigar? Andy Jenkins. StomperNet Big Cheese. The Big Boss. Head Honcho. Half of the StomperNet founders – you get the picture. He big. Me small. What should I do? I’m a nobody with online aspirations, what do I have to contribute to any discussion with Andy Jenkins?

Anyway, it takes me all of 32 seconds to catch Andy’s eye, walk over and introduce myself. A bold move but hey… I’ve got nothing to lose. And you know what? Andy is such a nice guy – he’s really approachable and with talk to just about anyone about anything – from SEO, NLP to discussing personal issues. He loves to talk. And listens to people’s issues. You get the sense that he really cares. And I’m glad. Glad that I’ve now spoken to him. Glad that he’s organised this event. Glad that StomperNet exists.

I’m a Stomper and I’m proud.

The information I’ve been bombarded with over the last 2 days has been amazing. So far, I’ve seen Ed Dale talk about Dominiche (on how to buy and sell websites); David Bullock speaking about testing methodologies (who’s just become a “faculty” member in StomperNet); Amit Suneja speaking about copywriting & million dollar emails; Jerry West giving some very useful and insightful tips on mistakes he’s made in affiliate marketing; Jeff Walker giving a very cool presentation on successful product launch formulas; Don Crowther’s excellent presentation on Social Networking to build traffic; Dan Thies musings on life, the universe and the context of Internet Marketing and Leslie Rohde’s very insightful presentation on online strategies to beat the big corporations. These are the speakers that I’ve seen – there’s a whole load more! Unfortunately, Dave Taylor didn’t manage to make it – which is a shame because I feel I owe him a beer since FAQ-Tastic was originally inspired by the site.

I’ve also had an opportunity to speak with Mike Stewart (the Internet Video Guy) about using Video as well as Andy Edmonds ( who has some really interesting ideas on localised Google search, SERPs and how to get properly listed in Google US and Google UK (or other local Google search).

And we’re not done yet. That was only day 1 and day 2. Today is the last day of this event and I am pumped.

Sherman Hu’s going to be giving a talk on blogging. He’s the guy who owns and is another good guy. I spoke to him and it turns out we’re both from neighbouring countries – he’s from Singapore, I’m from Malaysia. But we’re now rooted elsewhere… it doesn’t matter. The world is becoming a small place with all the technology we have now.

Brad Fallon and Shawn Casey will be doing a presentation on FreeIQ later this afternoon.

All of this information has been of the highest quality. There’s been a couple of pitches made. FOR A $DOLLAR! But even more amazing is that some of the courses that Ed Dale and Don Crowther put together will be available to StomperNet members for FREE!

Damn, it’s good to be a Stomper!

If you’re serious about making it online but don’t have a clue about how to do it, then you should seriously consider joining StomperNet. Yeah, the fees are outrageously high but the content will just blow your mind – and they send you the DVDs of the other speakers for you to see too. The forums are great if you need support and advice and their internet marketing video library is growing bigger every day.

There’s so much to learn. So little time. But thankfully, I’ve got some of the best teachers to guide me to success.

There’s also a whole “family” of Stompers that I’m grateful for. Ideas on how to improve my business have been given freely and tips on what to do (and NOT do) have kept on coming. Everyone is just about as nice as you can imagine.

It’s a great crowd and I’m proud to be a Stomper.

Note to Jayne Hallock:
I spoke to Andy Jenkin’s about the use of the StomperNet logo on my blog and he okayed it personally :) . This image is copyrighted.