Just a quick post about something I’ve been meaning to test on WordPress for a couple of weeks now. The idea comes from Nancy Andrews LiveBlueprints.com vNews (non affiliate link) on 7th April 2008 which looked really interesting:

“Blog posts work *REALLY* quickly. Forget Social Media”.

I’m going to summarise the essence of what she said in the vNews: basically, Social Media like Facebook and all of the other community type Web 2.0 sites aren’t really viable as Internet Marketing tools. It’s a controversial position but one also echoed by Michel Fortin in his excellent post “Is Facebook A Viable Marketing Tool?“.

Now, I’m not a natural Marketer – I’m willing to admit that – although I do happen to think that they might be right on this point.


Because here’s the proof that I’ve just found out for myself which I’ve screengrabbed for you:


Points to note:

  1. Specific keyword search term for “faq-tastic product launch formula”
  2. Google indexes my blog post in just 20 minutes!
  3. Both my earlier blog post on the FAQ-Tastic Product Launch Formula for beginners and also another article I’ve written hit positions #1 and #2

Now, ask yourself – how long does it take to do video and then start getting people onto things like Facebook so you can start marketing to them? Quite a bit of time to spread the message, right? Well, as you can see here, I’ve managed to get the word out about my last blog post in a very short space of time. Why? Because Google loves blogs and it loves fresh content.
Why do you think I’m aiming for the blog market? It may be Web 1.0 but I’m thinking of taking it to being “Web 1.0 version 2.0″ ;)
I’d just like to say “Thanks” to all the gurus for moving onto Web 2.0 – the market for 1.0 (which still works, btw) is now clear for the likes of… well, ME! :P

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Here it is again btw – just after I published this blog post and you can see that Google has indexed my site in just 1 MINUTE!


So… just goes to confirm my suspicions that blogging is a *really* great tool. I LOVE WORDPRESS!