Just had a tip off about a nice SEO plugin for WordPress to amend your “More” links (thanks Mike!). It’s a WordPress plugin called “More Unique” by Kaf Oseo.

So… What does it do and why is it useful for search engine optimizing your WordPress site?

Well, have a look at the link to continue this review below (if your on the index page!) – that’s what it does! But why is it useful?

Well, basically this plugin helps you to change the text of your standard more link (e.g. “Read the rest of this entry »” in Kubrick) and allows you to add your own text into the link.

It’s a simple idea but very effective.

Why is this important from an SEO perspective?

Well, it means that you can create a keyword dense link pointing to a context relevant page. Any good keywords inside links usually help your site get ranked more than generic non-keyword specific links on your site.

For example, having links to “home” on your site is basically wasting a link – since every keyword in your links contribute to helping the search engines find your site, just by having a good keyword inside the text link to your homepage will help with your internal site linking strategy.

This More Unique plugin for WordPress is a great way of helping you to provide a bit more control over optimizing your WordPress site for the search engines. And lets face it – every little helps…

However, a word of warning – the plugin might not appear to work in version 2.1.x. For whatever reason, Kaf hasn’t amended the code for the downloaded file – instead a fix for the “More Unique” plugin can be found in the comments underneath. Funny how some people don’t check these things…

It’s relatively simple to do:

  1. Go to your Admin area and click on Plugins / Plugin editor.
  2. Click on the “More Unique” link on the right hand side
  3. You’ll be given the source of the plugin to add the fix (or mess up)
    Important: I would recommend copy and pasting this code into Notepad first *before* you start playing!.
  4. Look for the line:

    $more_unique = $post_meta_cache[$id]["$key"]Ύ](Note: you can also comment this out by adding two forward slashes – i.e. //)

  5. Replace this with:

    $more_unique = get_post_meta($id, $key, true);

  6. Click on the “Update” button for the file and you’re done!

Alternatively, you could just download the file I’ve just amended to save you the hassle of doing this. You can [drain file 1 url download the version of the More Unique plugin for WordPress with the fix] here (Size: [drain file 1 size], Updated: [drain file 1 updated]).

“More Unique” – The Downside Of The Plugin

The only problem about this plugin is that each “more” link needs to be manually configured. Every time you create a page, it’s an extra thing to worry about and another thing to put on your “SEO things to make sure of *before* posting” checklist. It’s a minor inconvenience but it would be nice to see some more generic “more link” options for WordPress built into this plugin.

On the whole, it’s well worth checking out this plugin and adding it to your collection.