Knowledge Constructs is back. Or should I say “I’m back”? Better, stronger and more focused than ever. Coming back from Rich Schefren‘s Accelerate seminar has definitely had a positive impact in my state of mind. But it’s not been as easy moving forward as I’d imagined…

You may have noticed the change to the site design. What you won’t have notice is the change in Attitude. Yet. Keep reading…

There’s going to be some big changes round here – so you better get with it or Get Off My Blog!

Let me just say, this post you’re about to read is definitely NSFW (And if you don’t know what that means, GIMF!). No more G or PG rating. It’s time to take off the gloves and pull no punches…

For the first time in my life I feel confident enough to speak (write?) with my own voice. For the first time, I’ve started realising who I am. What I’ve been projecting hasn’t played to my strengths. And for the first time, I’ve come to know that my real strength is in my Attitude.

In short – I’ve had enough.

It’s time for me to be me. To be real. To be myself again…

No more pretending to be someone that I’m not. No more masquerading behind some “wannabe” corporate style crap façade trying to portray a certain image. No more bullshit.

I’m going to be doing things *my way* from now on…

Why’d you think I’m junking the old site design?

This new KC theme is super-SEO’d. Go ahead and check the source. Remove the styles and switch off the Javascript. It’ll still render just fine because it’s all about the strength in the foundation. The data architecture is based on the original Kubrick theme – all the content heads up to the top and the unimportant menu stuff is at the bottom. The plugins supporting this theme have been researched and only the best chosen. Meta tags, keywords, descriptions, page titles and even the “more” tag’s are customisable thanks to some really cool plugins. The theme is CSS-Hardcore with a certain style of images to match. Even with the Flash titles it’s optimised to be good for the search engines as it uses sIFR technology. And again, if you don’t know what that it is – GIMF!

And what I’ll tell you right now is – I’m not a designer but I do have an eye for good design. Each piece of this site was created by me in the spare time I’ve had between jobs. Buttons, backgrounds – you name it… custom built to suit this theme.

So much for finding a good theme designer/developer “If you want a job done right…” ;)

This new theme really does kick ass – don’t worry, I’ll be doing a site case study/breakdown in my new upcoming video tutorials very soon. And unlike other themes, because it’s based on Kubrick, there’s a higher chance it’ll work with most plugins out there and not break. Like I say, I’ll be showing you all that very soon.

So why the change in Attitude? And why now?

Well, this past year has been hard. To say the least. I quit “the Dilbert cube” nearly a year ago and discovered this thing called Internet Marketing. Looking to build a business but initially having no purpose or direction was definitely a frustrating time.

While I’ve learnt a lot and gained insights about marketing and building a business, I’ve also lost a lot too. Like when my wife left earlier this year – damn! Didn’t see that coming… Or when I got screwed over working with someone on a project some months back. Time wasted/money lost. And now there’s more money going out than coming in. Man, these are harsh lessons but I’m aiming to “fail fast” and “keep moving forward“.

Even though my marriage is no more, I’m now getting close to zero on the finances and I only see my kids 3 times a week now – I have to say it’s been the best year of my life.

Now you think I’m crazy…

Not at all. It’s about Attitude. It’s about PMA. It’s about “reframing” and ultimately it’s about me rebuilding the foundations of my life.

I think Bad Brains said it the best:

Don’t care what they may say
We got that attitude!
Don’t care what they may do
We got that attitude!

Hey, we got that P.M.A.!

Bad Brains – Attitude [via FoxyTunes / Bad Brains]

WTF is PMA? It’s Positive Mental Attitude – a concept they got after the lead singer (H.R) read Napolean Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich”. And yes, get ready for an onslaught of Hardcore metal lyrical references in my coming Posts. There is a point to all of this…

I’m imagining a sea of blank faces right now. What does Bad Brains have to do with Internet Marketing? WTF do Hard Times coming your way have to do with the PMA?

Let me set you straight. Time for a “reframe”, I think.

You might think that something as big as your partner walking out on you and taking the kids would be one of the worst things in the world, right?

It doesn’t have to be.

It only is, if you make it that way. To be honest, I’m glad my approach to the situation was one of “never burn(ing) your bridges”. I’ve helped her out and even suggested that I have the kids 3 days a week. We’re now communicating much better than we ever did when we were married. I spend more quality time with my kids than I ever did. Hell, I’m an über-Dad now! And I now have 4 days focusing on my business and doing what I *really* want to do. It’s also given me time to do things I never did before – like going to the gym and working with people I want to work with…

Man, if worst came to the worst at least I could write an eBook about “How To Save Your Marriage By Doing The Shit I Didn’t”. Good title, eh? Looks like I got a new product! Get on my mailing list NOW!

Now *that’s* how you reframe things to the positive.

It’s all about rebuilding the foundations. This past year has given me an insight to myself that I’d lost a long time ago doing the 9-5. The lessons I’ve learnt are a turning point. I’m the lucky one here. Most of you will probably do that thing of waiting until your kids leave the nest and then realising that you’ve nothing in common with your spouse any more. Good luck to you :P

Seems like my mid-life crisis has come early. “Bring it!” – I’m ready…

And with all the setbacks and all the pain of being trampled underfoot, something new and exciting has come rising up from everything that’s been mashed up.

You wouldn’t believe it but I’m now more determined than ever. Busier than ever. More positive than ever.

And I’m not afraid to speak my mind any more. Or to block out the things that no longer need my attention. Time to junk the IM courses, go cold turkey on the next online product that’s going to “revolutionize my business” and get down to some *really* hard work… (all automated by autoresponders, of course :P ).

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with a track from the Bad Brains here. They’ve been with me for a long time and I still admire them. Going back to the music I used to listen to has reminded me that I need to get “in” back into my own “individuality”. Do something different. Becoming special again…

Like a bunch of Rastas playing Hardcore:


“Supertouch / Shitfit” by Bad Brains

Some people look at me and talk about me like a clown,
They just don’t realize it’s just my simple way to get down,
I’ve got that Supertouch,
Chances are I’ve got too much,
I’ve come to let you see,
That you also can be free.
It seems that everytime we all try to go underground,
The stinkin troopers them they think that we are foolin around,
We have had about enough,
Now we’re gonna get real tough,
It happens everyday that’s why we got P.M.A…

People just pretending – thats a let down,
Undercover lover – that’s my heart now,
Struggle just in livin’ – that’s the realm of,
Accept me as I’m not – and that’s a Shitfit.

My best ain’t good enough for you,
My test is what you gonna do,
Ain’t no any kind of way,
Love was lost in yesterday,
Now we’ve felt this,
So you’ll get yours – Now!
Everybody’s livin,
And nobody’s givin,
And nobody gives a damn,
You must understand me,
The end is surely comin,
Prepare for the final plan.
People just pretending – that’s a let down,
Undercover lover – that’s my heart now,
Struggle just in livin that’s the realm of,
Accept me as I’m not and that’s a Shitfit.

Now playing: Bad Brains – Supertouch & Shitfit
via FoxyTunes

PS: Does this mean that I’m going to be sweary as fuck in my upcoming posts? Not at all. I just needed to get this out of my system. I’m just breaking the chains that’s been holding me back for some time and to be able to go forward in the way that *I* want to. For example, it helps me to filter out people that I don’t want to work with and will just leave the people “who are more funner” around to contact me ;)

PPS: What do you think of My new theme? And no, it’s not available as a download so don’t even ask. But I could build you a custom one as I need the cash. Saying that… if the price was right… :P !