If you read my post called “Internet Marketing & WordPress: Nancy Andrews Was Right – Forget Social Networking“, then you’ll know that geting indexed in Google is extremely fast if you’re using WordPress or some other blogging tool to get your pages (and site) re-indexed quickly.

And I mean *really* quickly. Those of you that remember, will know that it only takes a couple of minutes and Google go through your site, re-index and you can rank well for your keyword terms (if you’ve written your content properly, that is!)

Well… I now tend to check my site when I’ve done a post as it’s pretty amusing to see how quickly I can get my pages indexed. And I’m loving it when it does it well.

For example, the WordPress Plugin Review on the WordPress LinkSync (aka Blogroll Sync) plugin that I wrote on about an hour ago has already been indexed.

That’s amusing in itself.

But here’s something funnier…


Yup… yet again, you can see I’m already in the index in less than an hour but look at the positioning. Doing a search for the keyword “WP LinkSync” brings the Knowledge Constructs post about the plugin at #3.

And who is at position #4 in Google? That’s right: DCoda Ltd – the company that actually built and created the plugin! Sorry guys! :P

So, what’s interesting about these results?

Well, good as I am at ranking, I still can’t beat the sploggers. If you notice at the number #1 and #2 position is a blog site using the first couple of lines of my post and the complete title. What’s interesting to me here is that they’ve not even used a full paragraph, or even all of the keywords for “wp linksync” and they’re still ahead of my blog post (for the moment). I’m pretty sure over time, that will get fixed.

For you Internet Marketers out there, what does this mean?

Well, have you considered what it would mean to start writing about your competitors? I mean *really* writing about them and having high quality, contextually relevant content appearing in the search engines! Wouldn’t that be a great bit of traffic to be getting?

Thankfully, at Knowledge Constructs we know how to do this type of thing (“Oops, I did it again!”). Great ideas are in abundance here (as well as the skills to help you get ranked well). And it’s actually really easy to do!

If you’re a beginner and new to search engine optimization and WordPress, then you might want to check our very useful “how-to” guide on optimizing WordPress for SEO, written for beginners. It’s *SO* useful, I might go and re-read it just so I can work out how to beat those darn splogs!