Sheesh. It’s been almost 2 years since I posted anything on this website. Nice to see that it’s still doing well in the search engines for “WordPress SEO Beginner” though. Who’d've thought my free training article from a couple of years ago would still have such an impact? I certainly didn’t.

Which leads me nicely on to why I’m writing today. Quite simply. I’ve had issues over the last 3 years. It’s been up and down… but I’m back. Kind’ve…

Well – I’m re-focusing my efforts on a new website called “Think and Act Rich“. It’s based on Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich” and looks to go further. Personally, I think it takes a little more than simply “thinking” to become successful – there’s a certain element of “action” that’s required.

Law Of Attraction? Meh… it’s not enough just to “think positive”. Go out there and DO!

So, I’m now focusing on this new site and – get this – I’m going to be doing training on the site for FREE. Yeah, moving the free-line, yada, yada…

I’ve already got 12 video tutorials on this new site showing you how to create your own professional looking WordPress website for FREE. Training time? Around 30 mins – no guff. You don’t have time – I don’t have time. Just step by step stuff. I’m teaching – not telling you my life story! Then I also provide people with how you can make your first $97 simply by using the recommended hosting provider’s affiliate program. It’s easy stuff.

You’re probably wondering why I’m doing this for FREE?

Well, quite simply… I want to change the world and make it a better place. It starts with “excellent education” for people who can’t afford to buy really expensive courses.

The logic is this:

  • people who are financially stuck have no opportunities as can’t buy themselves out of their situation.
    (i.e. people with money can get better education)
  • educate the stuck people and give them excellent FREE training
  • great free training leads to excellent opportunities for those people
  • excellent opportunities means they create “riches” and will become successful
  • successful people have an impact on those around them and so help to spread more “riches”
  • more “riches” (emotional, spiritual and financial) means a better life for everyone
  • ergo, I’ve just helped to make the world a better place!

Now, the main difference between what I’ll be showing you and what other’s show you is this – I’ll be doing this with “integrity” (Hold on, let me google that for you!). It’s a word that not many Internet Marketers know… :P   In this game, I know too many people who would sell their own grandmothers. Let’s face it, they’d even sell MY grandmother if it would make them a quick buck…(I love my Gran, so get yer mitts off!)

I completely disagree with doing things where the underlying motivation is “greed”. I just can’t do that. So, I’ll be teaching and showing people that it’s possible to make a bit of cash by spreading benefits. It’s all actually taken from Napoleon Hill’s work… As you can see, my “intention” is completely different here.

If you visit the new site and wonder why I’ve made it a “membership” site – it’s not ’cause I’m going to sneak a fee up on you (although it does give me options!). It’s actually because this site starts with “taking conscious action”. I want people to go there with the right intention. You’re not just heading there to grab freebies – you’re going there because you want to change your life, make it better and help people around you too.

It’s a different mindset. If you’re just there for the freebies – then you’ve missed the point entirely. I’m looking to change the world to make it a better place. I can’t do that by myself. There are people who have already joined the cause…

Care to join me?

Check out the new Think and Act Rich website.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to at the moment. Have a great weekend!