I’ve not been well the last 4 days. Despite the shivers; aches; hot and cold flushes; runny nose and sore eyes, I’ve still been doing whatever I can to get this latest version of our WordPress FAQ plugin out.

Not just that. I’ve also been working hard on completing a new user manual for it. It’s nearly done except I just have to create some supporting pages and add those links to it.

The FAQ-Tastic User Manual is also Fa(q)ntastic – even if I do say so myself. Why? Because this 30 page, PDF user guide been lovingly crafted and taken just over 6 days to complete to include:

  • screengrabs of every page in the WordPress administration needed to use plugin (and images of how it would appear on your site)
  • a step by step guide showing exactly what to do – from installation, activation to using the plugin.
  • a detailed explanation of the difference between Simple and Paged FAQs.
  • an explanation of Paged FAQs and their real purpose.
  • bookmark links to easily jump to the section you need.
  • and best of all… it’s FREE!


As you can see from the FAQ-Tastic User Manual image, we’re raising the game. This is the level of detail, attention and love that FAQ-Tastic *should* have had ages ago. I was just too pre-occupied to devote myself to it properly.

Not any more.

I’ve personally created the manual and added images, labels and bullet pointed *everything*. The level of detail taken to explain each part is just exceptional. If you can’t operate the plugin after reading and following the steps outlined in this user guide, then I’d really recommend you don’t bother with using WordPress; sell your computer and never deal with technology ever again. :P

Some of you keen may have noticed that the plugin has jumped from 9.3 to 1.0.6. Yeah, we did that because we actually listened to the suggestions that a lot of you sent in. We actually took the time to build some of the really cool functionality that you requested.

We cared.

And even though this project is costing me a small fortune to produce, I’m still giving it away for FREE. It’s nearly a year now since we launched this plugin and we’ve only had 2 donations to this project. Even though there’s been well over 3000+ of you who’ve simply downloaded the plugin and given nothing back, well… call me foolish but I’m still adding *MORE* value to this product and I’ll still be offering it with no strings attached.

Why? Karmic payback. :)

I love what I do. When you see the new plugin, you’ll understand what I mean. When you use the plugin, you’ll know how much thought, time and effort has been put into it. You’ll experience the passion of it’s creation. You will know what *quality* actually means. You realise how much easier we’ve made things just for you.

To me, this latest version of FAQ-Tastic represents the core values behind Knowledge Constructs. Yes, this last year has been a bumpy ride for a variety of reasons but this new version marks a turning point – for the plugin, my company and also for me, personally. There’s a new focus, determination and direction that you’re going to witness very soon.

And to those lone Internet Marketers out there who feel like they’re struggling, I’d just like to say “have faith” – 1 person can make a difference to over 3000 people’s lives. You do *not* need to scam people and it *is* possible to create some real value in this world. All it takes is a little focus and direction.

I’m not saying it’s easy – I’ve personally had to overcome a great many hurdles this past year. But do I wish those problems weren’t there? Not for a minute. Every single moment, good and bad, this past year has been a invaluable learning lesson. Each issue simply a sign that you’re not quite on the right path – yet! And each change in direction, simply moves you to where you need to be.

You know what? I’ve just found my path. A transformation is about to happen.

And the journey has only just begun.