Possibly the shortest post I’m ever going to write. Mainly cause I’m pooped… I’ve been flat out so that FAQ-Tastic Lite version 1.0.7 can be released.

So, here’s what you get:

  • A new FAQ-Tastic website devoted to FAQs.
  • FAQ-Tastic Lite 1.0.7 – updated with some really funky features.
  • A new FAQ-Tastic user manual.
  • FAQ World Project
  • 5 great tips when you subscribe to the mailing list (more to be added!)
  • FAQ-Tastic now compatible with WordPress 2.5 – the new site runs on WP2.5!

Okay… I’m done. Got to get ready to join a kid’s parade now.

Oh, I nearly forgot the link – you probably want to check out the new FAQ-Tastic Lite website. Apologies for the rest of the site – the Pro version is next!

I’d just like to take a moment to thank Michel Fortin for the favourable review he wrote around a year about the original FAQ-Tastic plugin. That review really spurred me on. FAQ-Tastic is much more than that now! :)