A properly search engine optimized site (SEO) can be simple to make if you know how. Our Knowledge Constructs site is an example of a work in progress, demonstrating how it’s possible to use WordPress, keywords and keyphrases, SEO, and a little bit of luck to get your site ranking extremely well in the search engines.

How do I know? Well, it’s only been 1 week and we’re already ranking well for 6 keyphrases and already on the first page on Google. Now, that’s FAQ-Tastic results for our FAQ plugin, don’t you think?So what kind of results can be achieved?

Well, this time last week, the site wasn’t anywhere complete. The plugin had only just been added. The user guides hadn’t even been created! The site wasn’t ranking in Google at all! Anyway, here’s where I found the keywords in Google as of 23 April 2007:

  • “faq plug in wp” – #1 Google.com & Google.co.uk (of about 1,030,000) Page 1
  • “faq plugin” – #2 Google.com & Google.co.uk (of about 38,700,000) Page 1
  • “faq plug in” – #2 Google.com & Google.co.uk (of about 87,700,000) Page 1
  • “faq plugin wp” – #3 Google.com & Google.co.uk (of about 1,040,000) Page 1
  • “wordpress faq plugin” – #3 & #4 Google.com & Google.co.uk (of about 1,480,000) Page 1
  • “wordpress faq plug in” – #3 & #4 both Google.com & Google.co.uk (of about 1,610,000) Page 1
  • “wordpress faq” – #31 on Google.com (of about 36,900,000) Page 3

Admittedly, it does take quite a bit of WordPress customisation (at the moment!) to start enjoying the benefits of good search engine rankings like this. “How has it been done?“, I hear you ask? Well… we’ll show you soon enough. You just have to stay tuned. What I will say is that our newsletter subscribers will always be the first to hear any new developments on plugins. They’ll also get a chance to play with and test new plugins as we build them ;) . So sign up if you’re interested.

Our aim at Knowledge Constructs for WordPress is simple:

We want to take WordPress to be the best CMS possible.
We want to raise a WordPress army aimed at creating SEO focused sites.
We want YOU to join us.

Contribute what you can; lend us your skills; participate and get involved. There are many blog tools out there. But we love WordPress and we want it to be the best. Knowledge Constructs aims to build plugins to help make this a reality for the benefit the WordPress community… (oh, and I mention that we also build websites for training companies? More about our actual business in the future posts!).

If you bear in mind that it’s been only a week for this site to start ranking *extremely well*, then you probably understand that this type of result is entirely possible in a short space of time. As a demonstration of the potential of using WordPress as a tool, I think this site has proved a point.

The technique of getting excellent ranking in Google for the FAQ-Tastic plugin is really very simple. It’s a technique that has been known to Internet Marketers for quite some time. It’s based on an SEO technique called “blog and ping”. Here’s how it goes:

I’m writing this WordPress Posts about WordPress plugins and inside it are links pointing to my WordPress plugin Pages. Search Engines *love* blogs because they contain unique, rich content that users are currently interested in writing about, like WordPress plugins to make life easier. So as soon as a “ping” happens on the blog, the search engines start crawling the blog Post and start finding links about the WordPress FAQ plugin pointing to the blog Pages about blog FAQ plugins. It’s the links inside the blog that point to the Pages that you want to get ranked.  Got it?

Whoops! Did I just spill the beans on a secret? For some of you, this may be a huge revelation – for others, it’s old hat (Hopefully, not a black one!). It’s one of the techniques that a lot of SEO merchants use to help get their clients sites ranking well. Okay, so there’s actually a bit more to it than just the blog and ping aspect. But I’m not saying I’m an expert on this subject – I just happen to know a few techniques but I use them well (sticking to my strengths!).

While we are currently ranking well, I’m still unsure of the consequences of this technique using WordPress Posts to pointing to our plugin Pages. In the back of my mind, I have fears of being listed in Googles supplemental index- the no-man’s land of pages. Which is why it’s good to test, test, test! It’s also the reason why we need to build a community to learn from each other to beat other content management systems at this game.

The title tags, keywords, descriptions and internal site linking SEO techniques were all things I have had to learn and I am still studying. This was greatly simplified by using John Godley’s (the FAQ-Tastic Plugin Developer ;) ) Headspace1.5/2.1 plugin (available at Urban Giraffe). The blog & ping was something I’d already known about and seemed to work on a couple of tests I’d done before.

The only thing that I would say has had a really significant impact is Michel Fortin’s post about creating optimized blog FAQ pages on the fly. Now, part of me thinks that we got “lucky”. Then again, it could also be said that the FAQ plugin stands by itself – it is really excellent and I think if you’ve really got something good, then there’s no reason why it won’t get good reviews by *anyone*! Having an exceptional copywriter review your product is going to create a fantastic buzz (I’m flattered that users on the Semiologic forum have started discussing the potential use of the FAQ-Tastic plugin!)

I firmly believe that WordPress could be an excellent tool for building SEO sites. If we create enough useful tools, then it’s entirely possible to build the WordPress reality that we want to see happening. I certainly want it to work as it would mean building sites in the future will become simpler. The overall impact that I would love to see is that truly authoritative sites spring up across the Internet, making it easier to find content in the future.

We originally intended to have free plugins on this site. However, re-assessing this situation, I am not sure I can support the developments of these plugins in the future. We might have to start charging for some of even better ones we’ve got lined up, to help pay for developments on the free ones! We’ll have to see how it goes. Stay tuned – John Godley (the FAQ-Tastic Plugin Developer) has an awesome plugin coming out soon!

I’m still not sure why people don’t like to support things to keep them “free”… Perhaps, they don’t see the value in “FREE”? I don’t know but I’m sure that this will be the subject of another blog post!

Bye for now,