Dear Michel,

Regarding your recent post entitled “Create Optimized Blog FAQs on the Fly” (April 16th 2007), we at Knowledge Constructs would like to make the following apology.

As you are aware from using our FAQ-Tastic plugin, we are capable of providing a very high level of excellence. We apologise if your experience of our website and user guides did not meet the same high standards that we know we are able to achieve. If we could have forseen the type of feedback or the amount of enthusiasm that you have for our FAQ-Tastic plugin then we would have put more effort into polishing the site and ensuring that the user guides were ready. For example, it would have been useful to know that it’s easy to drag and drop the questions in order to re-sort them or that you can use HTML in the answers box.

It’s a bit like being caught mid-shower, clambering out and dripping wet, semi-clad in only a towel and having to answer the door to the postman… That’s how undressed we currently feel about being “discovered” like this. Hopefully, our site has some appeal and entices people to use our plugin rather than it being a turn off!

If you feel offended by our indecent exposure, then please look away now. We’d recommmend signing up now for our Newsletter using the box under the navigation (on the left) right now, so that we can let you know when we’re ready :) .

We’re very glad that you’ve found the plugin useful. It looks great seeing our WordPress FAQ-Tastic plugin in action on your site. If we’d known that it would be placed in the limelight so soon, we would have added the usage guides and screenshots a lot earlier. As things currently stand, we’re still in the process of getting the screengrabs, writing the guides and documenting things right now.

There are already a few minor amendments that we’ve made to make this WordPress plugin really fantastic. We’ve just updated the FAQ-Tastic plugin (download version 0.7 here) so that the code produced will have more chance of passing the W3C Multipage Validation. In the future we’d like to implement a few other suggestion: like the pending questions email notification feature; the automatic FAQ page generation, and the question author displays.

Unfortunately, we’re on a budget. FAQ-Tastic was commissioned and it’s development had to be cut short. Why? Because we really wanted to have enough money left over to build 2 other useful plugins. The first is a glossary plugin that will enable a site to provide a list of terms and definition and list them out in a similar way to FAQ-Tastic. Great for building authority sites and creating high quality content. The second is aimed at simplifying the creation and management of the Sidebar in WordPress. And as you’ve already seen, we are capable of providing well thought out plugins with very specific purposes.

Thank you very much for the favourable review of our plugin – we really appreciate it. Until we received word from our Internet Marketing friend in India (Saumil Patel), we hadn’t considered the idea of what a small review by someone like you could do. So we thank you for your help as it contributes to our cause (which is simply to keep creating excellent plugins for the WordPress community).

If your readers would care to donate their time, skills, resources, a financial contribution or even something as simple as a link back to our site or signing up to our newsletter, then this will help us to know that what we’re building is useful and people really do care.

And we do need your help to achieve the excellence we know we’re capable of.

Because we all know that excellence comes at a price.

But real excellence comes from the heart…

Yours Sincerely,

Zain Bador
Knowledge Constructs Ltd