Firstly, apologies for the delay on FAQ-Tastic 1.0.6. It’s been a really busy 2 weeks and it’s not been helped by school half term; having kids about; unexpected guests; cleaning the flat for unexpected guests; assisting on an NLP Practitioner training course; recovering my NLP breakthrough coach client’s hijacked WordPress website (now there’s a blog post case study…); doing NLP allergy interventions (I happen to be a fully qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapist and Hypnotherapist btw) and helping out on the official Skindred website (excellent RaggaMetal band well worth checking out – I’m also happen to be the admin for the Skindred Facebook group and we’ve now got more members than Sherman Hu‘s “Friends of Sherman Hu” and “Beginners Guide to Mastering Web Basics” Facebook groups put together since I became the Skindred Facebook Admin! Sorry Sherman… and I’m not even a Facebook specialist! :P ). Woah… that’s a load of link love!

As you can see, I’ve been a little busy and every moment has been a great learning experience. So now that I’m more on top of things, FAQ-Tastic Lite 1.0.6 will be coming very shortly.

If you check out the new FAQ-Tastic website, you can see how much high quality stuff I’ve been doing – like designing new product shots and putting together the new user manual for the Lite version. There’s still a whole load more to do – like adding the tell a friend scripts and the standard Aweber name captures to be done. It’s not been easy and yes, I did everything from setting up the site to the designs all by myself – I’m not just a pretty face ;)

Why email captures? Well, you Internet Marketers out there will probably get the feeling that I’m gearing up for a proper product launch for FAQ-Tastic Pro. And I am.

For all you newbie Internet Marketers out there you might want to read on, I’ll be detailing the 8 things I’ll be doing for this launch so you can get a better idea of what’s involved and things to do. It’s going to be quite a ride, with all the ups and downs, as I’ve never done a product launch before. There’s going to be quite a lot of things to learn and at the end of the process you’ll be able to gain the experience from my mistakes.

(Oh… and just to be clear: there are NO affiliate links in this post, just pure value!)

Ideally, I’m aiming to get some affiliates on board to help promote the plugin. I know some of the old StomperNet crew who’d love to get a cut of the profits from this plugin – especially since they’ve been testing out the Pro version. No idea how to set up affiliate type stuff and, thankfully, I’ve been put in touch with someone who might be able help to implement Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing script. With any luck, if I can get this stuff properly sorted out properly then all you wannabe affiliates can make a bit of money off this new improved plugin. Trust me – it’s going to be high quality stuff.

Point #1: So, the first thing to note here is – try and get your affiliates sorted out in what ever way you can. Getting into something like Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF) or Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing will make it easier to get a good launch done (so I’m told and I like to think I pick up on excellent advice!). Affiliates will be the people who will drive traffic to your site as they’ll want a piece of the action. Remember:It’s better to get a small percentage on *something* than 100% of NOTHING!

As I’ve been setting up the new FAQ-Tastic site, I’ve been taking screenshots of *every* step in terms of setting up the website to adding the Aweber scripts. That’s another reason this is taking a bit of time to do.

You may be wondering why I’m bothering to grab screenshots. Well, to be honest, it’s actually the preparation for my next product which will be a Training package that will take the Internet Marketing newbie from knowing *nothing* to being able to set up a fully SEO’d WordPress powered website; getting a product together from scratch and then marketing it. All in very precise step by step, bullet pointed, hand-holding style. Will it be dumbed down? Yes. Because I can’t think of anyone out there – including the so-called “gurus” that actually take the time to take newbies to a level of detail where they can go from nothing to actually having a product to sell. Well… maybe with the exception of StomperNet (and that’s an expensive course to buy into but well worth the price tag!). They all seem to give you an idea of how to do it… but where’s the “do this” bits? Ever wondered about that?

Point #2: The second point here is that I’m already planning ahead to the next product and the next event. It’s something that the gurus seem to miss out on and it’s worth noting that a single product is good but several products are much better. It is possible to take a product and then simply update it but if you’ve got more than 1 revenue stream from various sources, then you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket! For example, if Jeff Walker’s PLF were to be outflanked by an unknown competitor with a higher quality product, then he wouldn’t have much left in this area (except for his huge mailing list and being an affiliate). I’m sure Jeff knows this though and has other tricks up his sleeve – why do you think he’s a guru?

So, am I worried about letting the cat out of the bag and someone stealing my idea of creating the ultimate WordPress training guide?


The more the merrier.

As I mentioned, I’m an NLP Practitioner and boy can I reframe things (everything from minor problems, right through to reframing the perception of death)! Quite simply, more people doing the same type of stuff simply creates a bigger market and attracts a wider audience of potential customers. (Nice reframe, huh? ;) )

Secondly, even if someone were to take my idea, they wouldn’t be able to execute it in the same way. That’s to do with “intention”. Having recently worked with a new NLP business coach and aligning my intentions has made me have a clear focus on what needs to be done. There’s congruence and integrity within all of my work – which then manifests as really high quality products. Anyone “stealing” an idea can never manage the same quality of product simply because there would be too many pieces of the puzzle missing – there’s no clarity and no real focus. It’s the difference between making a quick buck and actually creating a real business. And I’m in this for the long term.

Point #3: Be clear and have a well defined focus of what you want to achieve. Don’t worry about the competition.
I’ve a definite set of objectives – primarily to get the costs of the development of FAQ-Tastic covered and also to get the next couple of months bills paid so that helps to focus what I’m after. What do you want to achieve? “Where there is clarity there is no choice… and where there is Choice there is misery” (Swami, from the film “Head” starring the Monkees, 1968).

So… how does FAQ-Tastic fit into this overall strategy? It’s very simple really. And it’s based on something that a lot of people have missed – “The Power of Questions”. Again, as an NLP practitioner, questions are the most powerful tools that anyone can use to find the “root cause” of a problem simply by asking “what specifically is the problem?”. Finding the root of any issues helps to gain clarity on what is needed. In business terms, finding out what your customers want will help you to make a better product. Frank Kern understood this principle too. Ask yourself: “Why do you think he created Flycatcher pages?” In business, what’s the best way of understanding your customers? Quite simply – get them to ask you questions about your products. You’ll soon get an idea about what they’re interested in and what they’re stuck on or what they really need.

Point #4: Identify specifically what’s needed to be done. Again, it’s about focus and clarity. This will ultimately help with your overall planning as well as providing you with useful ways to counter the objections raised by potential customers. And you can do this just by getting your customers to help by asking questions and you’ll find out what really needs to be done!

If you’ve already had a go on FAQ-Tastic, you’ll know that it’s actually more than a simple FAQ plugin – if used it in the right way. I’ve been working on ways in which FAQ-Tastic Pro can help to create a product even if you don’t have one now. It’s also very powerful for creating authority sites and for SEO. At the moment, only a handful of people actually understand what the FAQ-Tastic Pro plugin is capable of. Can it create Flycatcher pages? Yes. Can that help you build a product from scratch? Yes. Can it help create content to create an authority website? Yes. Can it be used to optimize the pages to be search engine friendly? Yes. Can all of these things help to build a better relationship with your customers? Yes.


Well, these details will become clearer as the launch progresses. Let’s just say that I’ll be doing some free reports that will actually demonstrate how FAQ-Tastic can help in all of these areas. Again, this is part of the high quality content that you simply give away during the launch to attract more customers. The “reports” or whatever you want to call them will allow you to understand what the product is capable of – i.e “what is it?” – but let’s be clear about this: “it won’t show you HOW to do it”.


Because the How’s are reserved for the “bonuses”. To get a clearer picture of what I’ll be doing, I’m just going to tell you now: I’ll be creating a set of eBooks on things like “how to create an eBook for free with free software” or “how to create a flycatcher page“, for example. It’s the additional bonuses that also help to swing your potential customers to making the decision to purchase. Tried and tested, so this is a no-brainer and just something you have to do.

Point #5: Move the free line. Create reports and bonuses.
Create high quality content with real value that demonstrates the “What is it?”. Save the “How it’s done” for your bonuses.

Now, admittedly, I could just grab some of those *really* old nasty resale rights ebooks to just whack on as bonuses. Yes, it would save a lot of time but personally, I feel it has no Integrity. As you might already have gathered, just by reading this post, my values are aligned to creating some *real* quality – I’m not in this just for the money! Think about companies like Sony – do you really think they just add some tacky 3rd party products or do they go out of their way to choose something that has real integrity that’s really aligned with the product they’re selling? It’s about creating a perception of very high quality products and also establishes their values to the customer. You know what you’re going to get when you buy from them – and your customers will also recommend you too!

Point #6: Have Integrity in everything you do. Value your work and enjoy the process of creating something truly unique!

Another point I want to make it clear is that I’ve no ambitions to become a “guru” or a “maven” in this process. At all times during the launch, watch for the careful use of language where I’m actually promoting my company rather than myself. There’s a big reason for this which I’m extremely surprised that people haven’t picked up on (and that Rich Schefren has skillfully avoided): if YOU are the sole reason for your company existing then you’ll never be able to sell your company later on. Think about it – all of the “guru’s” make money on their Name and not their products. If you removed their Names from the equation, then would the product really have as much influence? And as we all know, Internet Marketers *love* talking about what the gurus are doing and how well they’re doing. It adds to the drama – another story to tell. Funnily enough, that’s also why I’m documenting my launch ;) (get the picture?).

Point #7: Don’t be a guru. Don’t be a Maven. Create a product that can stand by itself. Have an exit strategy of selling the product at some future point. This actually comes more from what I discovered in Micheal Gerber’s “E-Myth Revisited”. If you’ve not read it, then I strongly recommend that you do!

As you can see, there’s still quite a bit to do. I know that people are getting frustrated as they’d love to get their hands on the free version of this plugin – FAQ-Tastic Lite. But another thing I’ve picked up from Jeff Walker was that “your product is ready when it’s ready” – anything short of that and you’re just going to create trouble for youself!

Some of you might be thinking – “so you’re going to do a product launch AND document it as you go? That’s a HUGE amount of work!”. Am I insane? Possibly. I know there’s *a lot* to do in terms of just a standard product launch but like I say – there’s a reason for all of this. It’s simply going to all be used for another product later on down the line. Probably as the OTO (One Time Offer) if I do manage to get this guy to help implement Filsaimes Butterfly Marketing script for me!

Anyway, watch this space – even by reading this post, you can already see that this is going to be some journey! There’s going to be some exceptional content both on and off the launch. Where possible, I’m going to point out what I’m doing so all you newbies get a better idea of what to do when you get to do your own launches! :) Why? Obviously, a lot of that stuff will then become part of the training products that I can use later on! (Gotta love long-term planning!).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

PS: If you’re wondering how I got the Skindred Facebook group to become bigger than Sherman Hu’s Facebook efforts? Well, I simply emailed the list of 300 existing members and said “Why not get your friends to join?”. And they did! We’re now up to 650 members and still growing every day… It’s easy when you know how.

And I do. ;)