Are you looking for quick and simple WordPress Video Tutorials? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This series of WordPress training videos will guide you through the basics of WordPress and provide you with what you should know in order to manage, maintain and tweak your WordPress site, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.

The videos have been produced using WordPress 2.6 and we will soon be adding more videos for WordPress 2.7 when it becomes publically available.

WordPress Video Tutorials: Installing WordPress

  1. How To Install WordPress in under 5 minutes using Fantastico scripts on Lunarpages – Video Training (OLD). Please note: we no longer recommend Lunarpages. This video is simply here to enable you to install using Fantastico scripts.
  2. How To Log Into WordPress video tutorial
    A very useful video if you’ve accidentally removed your “Meta” widget and can’t remember how to get back into your WordPress administration dashboard!
  3. Installing A WordPress Theme Video Tutorial
  4. Video Tutorial on How To Install WordPress Plugins

How To Use WordPress Video Tutorials

In this section you will find video tutorials on how you can use WordPress easily and effectively.

  1. How To Add Content To WordPress video tutorial
  2. How To Format Content Using The WordPress Visual Editor video tutorial
  3. The “The difference between a Post and a Page” video tutorial
  4. Why Use WordPress?
  5. How To Embed Video Into Your Blog Site

WordPress Plugins

  1. Using FAQ-Tastic.
  2. Knowledge Constructs Top 5 Plugin Recommendations

WordPress Themes

  1. “Why Kubrick Is The Best Theme” Video
  2. Knowledge Constructs WordPress KC-SEOv2 Theme Deconstructed – A Video Case Study
  3. A Tutorial On “What To Look For In A WordPress Theme”