FAQ-Tastic has now been updated and you can now download your free copy of the 32 page FAQ-Tastic user manual from the new FAQ-Tastic website.
The new manual contains screenshots and will visually guide you through each step necessary for installing, activating and using FAQ-Tastic.
Please refer to this new manual for usage of the updated plugin and update your bookmarks.

Installing & Activating FAQ-Tastic

  1. Download the FAQ-Tastic zip file.
  2. Extract the contents to a folder you can remember.
  3. Upload the folder to your WordPress /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. Log into your WordPress admin area.
  5. Click on the Plugins tab.
  6. Find FAQ-Tastic on the list and click the “Activate” link.
  7. A confirmation message should appear briefly and you will be sent to the FAQ-Tastic help file.

Creating A Simple FAQ

If you would like your FAQ to appear on 1 (one) page, then use this option.

  1. In your Admin area, click on Manage / FAQ-Tastic.
  2. Click on the Questions & Groups tab.
  3. In the Create Question Group area type in a new name in the Group name box.
  4. Important: Remember the name of your new group.
  5. Leave “Attached page” set to No Page.
  6. Click on Add Group.

Creating A Paged FAQ

If you would like your FAQ to appear with an index page with links to the answers, then follow these instructions.

  1. In your Admin area, create a new Page in WordPress as normal.
  2. Remember the name of your page and save it.
  3. Click on Manage / FAQ-Tastic.
  4. Click on the Questions & Groups tab.
  5. In the Create Question Group area type in a new name in the Group name box.
  6. Important: Remember the name of your new group.
  7. Select your page from the “Attached Page” dropdown list.
  8. Click on Add Group.

Adding The Page Code

  1. Click on the Manage tab.
  2. Find the page you want to add your FAQ to and click the Edit link.
  3. Add the following code (important: please remove the first space between the bracket “[” and “faq” – this has been added to enable the code to display on the page!):
    • [ faq summary x]
      This will display a list of the approved questions.
    • [ faq list x]
      This will display the list of questions and answers for the “simple” FAQs.
    • [ faq ask x]
      This will display the question box for users to ask their own questions.
  4. Add any other text to your page and amend the layout as necessary.

Adding Questions Via the Admin Area

  1. Click on the Manage / FAQ-Tastic / Questions & Groups tab.
  2. Find the group that you want to add a question to.
  3. Click on the “questions” link on the right hand side (next to the red X).
  4. A new screen will appear with “Add A Question”.
  5. Add your question (and answer).
  6. Click on the “Add Question” button.

Re-Ordering FAQ Questions

  1. Click on the Manage / FAQ-Tastic / Questions & Groups tab.
  2. Find the group that you want to re-order the questions of.
  3. Click on the “questions” link on the right hand side (next to the red X).
  4. Drag and drop the green bar to where you would like the question to appear.
  5. After “dropping” wait for the screen to “save” the data (little rotating flower icon on the left side).
  6. Repeat this process until the all questions are re-ordered.

Exporting Questions

  1. Click on the Manage / FAQ-Tastic / Questions & Groups tab.
  2. Find the group that you want to export the questions of.
  3. Click on the “questions” link on the right hand side (next to the red X).
  4. In the top right hand corner is a little green icon.
  5. Click the icon.
  6. Save the file when prompted to do so.

Answering Questions

  1. Click on the Manage / FAQ-Tastic tab. You should now be in the Pending area.
  2. If there are any new questions, they will appear in this tab.
  3. To answer a question, click on it.
  4. Fill in the answer.
  5. Click on the save button.

Customising FAQ-Tastic

  1. Click on the Manage / FAQ-Tastic / Options tab.
  2. Find the message or email options that you would like to amend.
  3. Click on the “Save” button.

Please let us know if these instructions could be improved in any way. Email us at kc-plugins[at]knowledgeconstructs.com (replace [at] with @) if you have any amendments.


  1. robertc says:

    Shouldn’t when you put [ faq summary x] in a page or post allow a person to click on the blue hyperlink and thus the answer should pop open?

    see http://accmachine.com/test (2nd post) This is a testing site.

    Also can a sidebar widget be created for the faq’s?

  2. Manne says:

    Thanks for what looks to be a very promising wp plugin!

    One problem: when I have submitted a question and try to edit it from the “pending” page, clicking on the question makes the row collapse and disappear. In other words, I can’t answer the question.

    I’m using WP 2.1.3

  3. Sean Ross says:

    This is a fantastic, and truely versatile plugin. There are so many applications out-side of asking questions that this could be applied to.

    I’ve noticed one problem with the voting. Anytime I click to vote, and error dialog box comes up in the browser that says, “Something went wrong while registering your vote” I am I doing something wrong, or id there something to adjust? Any help is appreciated, and I will be sure to make a donation once I can get this working.

    I’m using 2.1.3, thinking about 2.2

  4. Franco Traversaro says:

    Great plugin! Only a question: is it possible make the admin page accessible for Editors? Is there a simple way to do this or I have to study all the code?

    Thanks for the attention, thanks for the plugin – and thanks for all the fish, if you’ve read the “hitchikers guide to the galaxy”… ;-)

  5. blagi says:

    This FAQ pluging looks promising. I like it multi FAQ possibilities. But it doesn’t work for me.
    have a few problems.

    Looks like there is a conflict with some other (Ftal error cannot redeclare write_post() previously declared in ..wp_admin\admin_functions.php when i want do display prevously created question. I tried to reload current page, but then some duplicate phantom questions are added.

    When I wanted to delete those questions with X looks like they are deleted, but they are still there.

    Any clue what’s wrong?

  6. blagi says:

    Solved that one by replacing include with incule_once in ajax.php fo including admin-functions.php

  7. Sharell says:

    The plug in looks promising indeed, I’m going to try it out now. Thanks!

  8. alias says:

    how to disable the rating feature ? i think its stupid to rate faq, can’t we have something for once that doesn’t include a rating feature ? lol

  9. rover says:

    To disable ratings, you can add the following line:
    <?php $allow_rating= 0; ?>

    to 3 files in the faq-tastic/view/default directory

  10. rover says:

    (add it to the top of those files)

  11. rover says:

    oops. and those files would be: answer.php, links.php, list.php

  12. Kym says:

    This is great.

    But I have a similar problem to Manne.

    When I click on a pending question nothing happens. I am using 2.1.3.

    I noticed that the URL displayed in IE6 is

    … /wp-admin/edit.php?page=faq-tastic.php#

    is it missing the question number after the #?


  13. Alex says:

    So much promise but unfortunately just a whisker away from being really useful I imagine. Just tried installing into a brand new vanilla install of WP 2.2.1 Tried to activate plugin and it said ‘Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error’. It’s a thankless task keeping these kind of freeware tools working I know. Good luck.


  14. Andrea says:

    1- Very useful plugin. :)

    2- I have translate plugin with poEdit, I create the file faq-tastic-it_IT.mo and upload it in /locale/, but doesn’t work!!



  15. Zain says:

    Wow… look at this thread – this is great. Apologies for the lack of support as we’ve currently been working on some new things and sadly I’ve neglected FAQ-Tastic. This is my fault and I’m really sorry folks.

    Anyway, in answer to some of your questions:

    Alias – you can disable the ratings very simply and don’t even have to touch the code. Just go into the Questions & Groups screen and on the left hand side, click on the link. This should open a new box where you can uncheck the “Allow ratings” feature (we thought of that! Although, admittedly the UI isn’t as intuitive as it could be…).

    For those of you having issues with the current plugin, please email me at faq.support [at] knowledgeconstructs.com and I’ll send you the most recent version which is 0.9.2 (which isn’t live just yet). Any beta testers would be very much appreciated! I think I’ve already emailed a few of you with the latest version, so please feel free to drop me a line if you don’t have the latest version. I promise I will be updating the site very soon!

    Andrea – Great job on using the poEdit to translate the plugin. I’ve tried emailing you but I get a message bounce back – no idea why! From what I understand of the Developer’s documentation, you may need to put both the *.po and *.mo files in the /locale/ directory. Please give that a go and let me know (at the same address as above).

    Again, apologies – I’m actually leaving for a conference early tomorrow morning and will be back on the Tuesday 17th July 2007, so if there’s no immediate response, then please don’t take it personally!



  16. Hayk says:

    Hi all.
    I think there is a some mess with localisation (translation).
    First of all plugin name (faqtastic) not the same as plugin folder (faq-tastic).
    Second, there is a bug in the plugin.php. To fix it you need edit line line 27 and replace
    load_plugin_textdomain (“$name/locale/$name”);
    load_plugin_textdomain (‘faqtastic’, ‘wp-content/plugins/faq-tastic/locale’);
    Then put *.mo files to the locale folder. Locale files mus be named faqtastic-*.mo
    For example faqtastic-ru_RU.mo for Russian, or faqtastic-it_IT.mo for Italian.

  17. Hayk says:

    Also, there are some strange textdomains in the plugin files: ‘filled-in’, ‘drain-hole’, ‘redirection’.

  18. Sue says:

    I’m not having any problem with my installation. It’s just what I wanted. I tried using the other faq plugin, but that wouldn’t even recognize me as an administrator, and kept getting a “trying to cheat are you?” message. This is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  19. Your instructions seem a little off-putting to me in two areas:

    (1) “Remember the name of your group!” Oh my, does that mean that it’s a secret or that I’ll never be able to find it again if I forget? Gee, that sounds scary!

    (2) Then .. having warned me with a separate bullet-point and bold-faced type that “Important:” I must remember… you never tell me what I actually do with that piece of “important” information! Oops. I can hazard a guess that it must be “x” in “Adding The Page Code,” but you forgot to say that.

    I’m offering this suggestion from the point-of-view of someone who has not (yet!) installed this plugin… who is encountering it for the first time and reacting only to what I see on this page.

  20. Well, I installed it, and it’s great .. and I encountered a MySQL database error-message (“incorrect syntax”) apparently when I used an apostrophe in a posting-title. Even stranger, the FAQs seem to be showing up as separate pages… Oh my.

  21. alias says:

    how to display multiple FAQ groups ?


    group 2 link group 3 link group 4 link

    with the group 1 being displayed in the page and the others link to other pages

  22. Jenny says:

    It would be great if you could set how many questions you want to be displayed per page. Isn’t this possible? I didn’t find any setting. Otherwise it is quite annoying to have too many questions/answers per page.

  23. Zain says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Unfortunately there isn’t an option to set the number of questions to be displayed per page but I definitely like the idea! Your suggestion has been noted and I’ll see if I can get John to do something about that at some point.

    Just to let you know that one of the points of FAQ-Tastic was to help Internet Marketers to increase the number of “keyword dense” links in their site. Basically, Google like links with good keywords – FAQ-Tastic builds these by creating the questions as links that the marketer can optimise for the search engines. This is the main reason why you’d want to have a lot of good links (and keywords) in your FAQ page. Does that make sense?

    Alias – I’m not sure exactly what you mean by multiple FAQ groups. You can create new groups and just add the [faq list X] to any page (where X is the name of the new group you want to display). Theoretically, you could have several groups in the same page!

  24. Hi and thanks for this plugin.

    Shouldnt it be a nice thing to have only the topics (questions) showing on the page and if you clicked it the answere would apear? Like a colapse thing..

    That would be lovely..

  25. Iva says:

    I just wanted to say that I support Jenny’s first idea, as I was about to ask the same thing: I’d love to be able to have a new page e.g. after every 20 questions and responses.

  26. Joe says:

    When searching for a phrase on a wordpress blog, are the FAQ pages also searched?

  27. zen0 says:

    Very good plugin, really really usefull! Awesome job people!

  28. [...] Please see our WordPress FAQ-Tastic plugin user guide. [...]

  29. Excellent plugin!

    Keep up the good work!

  30. Just started using this yesterday and it’s pretty darn good, thank you.

    1. Too bad we can’t opt to use a “post” instead of a “page”, which would allow comments and further discussion on the answer page. That would be great.

    2. It would be nice if the question could be marked with a Q on the end result page, and have the answer marked with an “A”.

    3. This bugs me – The entire question becomes the title tag on the new page, and it also makes for incredibly long URLs. This is not “optimal” as Zain (the Stomper) could certainly testify to. Isn’t there any way to avoid that? Perhaps a subject line too, instead of just a field for the question?

    I did figure out how to add a “return to questions” link at the bottom of the answer page the template, that should really be included in future versions, IMO

    It’s pretty cool, and I’m anxious to see the next incarnation…

  31. Vagabum Mike says:

    It works great in WP 2.3.1. I really like all the customization, the separate groups and the drag ‘n drop Question ordering is wonderful.

    My main wish is that there was more control over the formatting in the list and summary and how each entry is separated. I tried to add formatting in the PHP (list and summary) but was not sure where to insert the formatting and had to revert to the default files after messing up the list. It would also be extra nice if each question link in the summary had the option to expand/shrink in-line using AJAX.

    I was previously using a different FAQ plugin v.0.4j and I liked the formatting better in the page display and the expand/shrink AJAX for the answer, but the plugin had very rudimentary admin and did not work at all after I upgraded to WP 2.3.1 from WP 2.1.

    Thanks for the great work.

    ~ Vagabum Mike

  32. Marcos says:

    I’d love to use this to revamp my outdated, static, wordpress-page but it doesn’t seem to play nice with PHP Markdown, and all my site’s post and a lot of the pages are written in Markdown. So, I don’t know what the solution is ( if it’s a problem with the markdown plugin or what) but I need them to play nice together to use the otherwise promising FAQ-o-matic. thanks!

  33. Marcos says:

    Um, I meant faq-tastic. :)

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