FAQ-Tastic has now moved – please visit the new FAQ-Tastic website for the new FAQ-Tastic Lite and FAQ-Tastic Pro plugin for WordPress. The plugin has been extensively updated and now runs on WordPress 2.5 (Brecker).
There is also now a new FAQ-Tastic User Manual (32 page PDF file) that will help you get started with FAQ-Tastic.
We’ve even provided you with FAQ-Tastic product shots (like you can see on the left) that you can use on your blog posts if you like!
Please update your bookmarks and feel free to blog about it.

FAQ-Tastic is a free WordPress plugin to create and manage FAQs on your site. With multiple FAQs for various sections, this plugin is a great way of giving your users the answers to the most common questions that have been asked while allowing them to submit new questions. By optionally adding their email address, users can be notified when their question has been approved or rejected.

With FAQ-Tastic, you can easily make either a single page with a list of questions and answers or an index of questions linking to answers on separate pages.

Built with search engine optimisation in mind, our FAQ plugin enables the SEO-conscious Webmaster or Internet Marketer the flexibility to customise the questions to ensure all links contain any necessary keywords. With an added CSV export function, our FAQ-Tastic WordPress plugin also allows you to export questions and answers (extremely useful for the creation of “fly-catcher” pages!).

FAQ-Tastic also allows you to customise various options like the “Thank you” message or even the default notification email, so now you have even more control over WordPress with this plugin.

FAQ-Tastic is built for WordPress 2.1+ only.

Version History
Current version: 0.9.3 (updated 24th Aug 2007)

  • fixes to enable editors to use the plugin
  • restrict js toonly pages that need it
  • updated localisation for users wanting to translate the plugin into their language
  • email submission fixes

Previous version: 0.9 (updated 11th May 2007)
Previous version: 0.8 (updated 9th May 2007)


  1. Download FAQ-Tastic version 0.9.3 zip file (no longer available – please visit the link above for the new free version of FAQ-Tastic Lite..
  2. Extract the zip file contents and upload it to you WordPress plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  3. Log into your WordPress Admin area and click on the Plugins link.
  4. Click on the “Activate” link for FAQ-Tastic.
    Note: you will immediately be taken to the “help” area of FAQ-Tastic when activated.
  5. Enjoy the plugin.

Using FAQ-Tastic
The FAQ-Tastic admin area can be found under Manage / FAQ-Tastic in WordPress.

Please see our WordPress FAQ-Tastic plugin user guide.

Support Us
There are 3 main things you can do to support our work:

  1. If you use our FAQ plugin, then please make a link back to us or tell us where we can find your FAQ page. We would be grateful if you could use the following link and text (just copy and paste this into your webpage):
    FAQ-Tastic: WordPress FAQ Plugin
  2. Make a donation using PayPal (click the button below):

  3. Leave a testimonial and/or let other users know about how you’ve benefited from using FAQ-Tastic.

Ideally we’d like it if you contacted us and tell us about what you’d like to see from our plugins. If you feel the need to create a derivative version based on FAQ-Tastic, then the following restrictions apply:

  • You may not sell the new version.
    FAQ-Tastic is intended to be free to benefit the WordPress community. If you wish to be paid for your efforts, then please ask for a donation.
  • You must clearly state the original author within your editorial copy and make a link back to this page.

This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence
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