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Moving to a new domain and want to transfer your existing WordPress website?

Migrating a database, plugins and your site images can be quite a tricky and very involved process. If you want to make a smooth transition, I offer the following service:

  • Complete WordPress Database Migration
    I will help export your MySQL database and entire WordPress data from your old hosting location to the new hosting environment.
  • Transfer of All Images and WordPress Plugins
    All plugins and images (as well as other resources) will be migrated to the correct folders, and settings maintained.
  • Domain Name Link Adjustment
    All hard-coded links with references to your old domain name will be replaced in the database to reflect the new location.
  • 301 Redirection (for SEO purposes)
    If you still own your old domain, I can set up 301 redirections to enable Search Engines to find your new pages (and so your site won