I’ve not written a blog post in ages. Quite frankly, I was losing faith in Internet Marketing as well as looking to get out of the Web Development business. Y’know what? I think it’s nearly time for me to quit the web game. I’ve been online since the end of 1994 and things have changed quite a bit. I’ve been in Web Development (building and project managing) for over 10 years. What I’ve seen today has put the nail in the coffin and made me realise that it’s either time to up the ante or fold. It may well be the latter.

And it all started with an email from Frank Kern…

Now, in the last year or so, I’ve actually been pretty good in NOT buying into *any* more Internet Marketing programs or believing any more of the hype. And, that’s just what most of it is – hype. I’ve been very selective about which products I add my email address into those opt-in boxes. I know the drill. Sign up – get spam. Not just email about the product, but emails every day for the rest of your life! WTF? I hate that… so I tend to use the “unsubscribe” quite a bit.

There’s now too much spam. There’s no integrity. There’s nothing worth buying (or promoting) any more.

Or so I thought…

Admittedly, I do still get emails from a few Internet Marketers – namely, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, Dan Thies, Eban Pagan and a few others. I don’t really read them. Usually, it’s a sales pitch aimed at buying “someone elses product”. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not griping about their content… or the amount of spammy stuff masquerading as content… these guys “Internet Marketers” and that’s what they do. I’d be worried if they *didn’t* try and sell me something! They do it well – some better than others – and often (when I have time), I usually look at the emails, mainly to see “how” they’re doing things and NOT to buy the product.

Of the few Marketers, today the email which caught my eye was from Frank Kern.


Because Frank doesn’t spam me. He sends out around 2 to 4 emails PER MONTH. I like that. So when he does, more often than not, Franks email stands out from the other guys who send out emails EVERY DAY (and subsequently get me frustrated enough to hit that UNSUBSCRIBE button!). Note: if you’re one of these guys – listen up and pay attention – 1) you’re just noise, 2) I’m not even going to bother looking at what you’re pitching, 3) you’re going to get filtered/unsubscribed, 4) I’ll never trust you ever again… EVER!

So, what was it about Franks email that got me interested?

Firstly… well, there was one. And one a few days ago (which I didn’t read).

Secondly, the subject was in CAPs. Frank is usually polite, so capitalisation (UK spelling, okay? :P ) stands out.

Thirdly, it said “GREAT NEWS”. Which I’ve come to know is Frank offering something of his own which is usually better than the product being offered! (Good marketing trick for off-loading any old stuff while upselling to another product later on, btw).

What you’re probably wondering is “what was in the email?“. Good question.

The first line read: “I want to warn you in advance that I fully plan to promote the bejeezus out of this:“. Note: see what he did there? No “Hi [firstname]” or formalities – went straight for the kill. This guy doesn’t mess about… Gotta love Frank’s style! (And I do!)

It was then followed by a link for the product (amended – I’ll tell you why later”