Do you need a simple to use, easy to manage website?

Why not try using WordPress as YOUR site solution?

While most people think that WordPress is simply a blogging platform, here at Knowledge Constructs we understand that WordPress can be used for much more* than just blogging.

The site that you are currently viewing is running on WordPress 2.3.1.

But the reason that it doesn’t look like a Blog is simply that at Knowledge Constructs we understand how to separate the “content and data” from the “layout and style” of the site. Understanding these principles has helped us to construct a truly unique WordPress theme that looks like both a standard “corporate” layout page and also a “blog” (see our WordPress blog section).

The truth is, we think of WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) instead of a blogging platform – this is the major difference in the approach we take to building your site.

But Why Use WordPress?

The simple answer to this is “ease of use”.

Having tried so many other systems (like Mambo, Joomla, Drupal and even our own custom solutions!) we realised that WordPress is a simple and fun to use system that our clients Love!

Let’s face it – you simply want to “Add your content and Hit Publish”, right?

That’s why we use WordPress!

Once the system is set up, you can easily add, manage and delete pages to your site.

Is That The Only Reason?

There is another reason that we love using WordPress – it’s a great tool for helping you Search Engine Optimize your site. Search engines now index most blogs faster than “normal” static sites. If you do a search for nearly *anything* you’re guaranteed to find a blog entry on the first page of Google! The Search Engines understand that blog sites are a gold mine of information and that’s also the reason why they “index” these type of sites faster.

At Knowledge Constructs, we understand these principles and leverage all that WordPress has to offer when we build your site.

WordPress – Why Else Should You Use It?

Once you’ve tried blogging as well as getting good results for your site building efforts, you’ll find that it’s fun and exciting using your WordPress site! Why not give it a go?

Contact us today and request a free consultancy for YOUR site!