Here’s an overview of our site building process:

  1. Client pays a non-refundable deposit (subject to negotiation). This is simply to ensure that all clients are seriously committed to building a website (and finishing it).
  2. We discuss the general site structure and what you want to achieve from this project and the timeframe by which you want the site to be live. At Knowledge Constructs, we can usually turn WordPress powered sites round very quickly. The date set is for the benefit of our clients to give them a goal to aim at and focus their efforts. Discussions can take place via Skype, email or (if you’re in Brighton or Hove in the UK, then we could meet in a cafe or something :) ).
  3. The client supplies the images, copy and site keywords for each page in advance of building the site.
  4. The client supplies the FTP and website details for the site.
  5. When all of the relevant information has been provided, the site is installed, overhead pages created and manually optimized. The system is set up and the required functionality added as well as a set of agreed pages.
    If necessary, we can help create headers & button graphics for the site for an additional fee.
  6. After the site structure and content has been added, the client checks the site and “signs off” on the project with a written confirmation that the site has been built to agreed specification.
  7. Once the client has paid the remaining amount for work completed, then the site is made “live” – we help you to add your site to enable it to be found and properly indexed by Google. A substantial “ping” list is also added to help your WordPress site be found by blog servers and, in turn, the new site gets indexed by search engines.
  8. We then help you how to make the most of your new site and guide you through various aspects of website optimization for search engines, such as how and where to effectively add keywords.
  9. We help all clients to familiarise themselves with how the system works for a further 3 weeks. During this time, you can contact us about any issues that may occur and need to be fixed or just to ask questions about how to use various plugins tha have been installed.
  10. Our clients then enjoy their new website, new found life online and prospers from a simple to use and easily optimized website. :)