The following list details what is excluded from a Knowledge Constructs WordPress installation:

  • Website Hosting

    You will need to provide a hosting solution that is able to provide the following:

    1. Linux based hosting environment (NOT Windows IIS based).
    2. PHP support
    3. MySQL database

    Note: We can provide you with 2 excellent hosting solutions if your current site is not compatible.

  • Website Design

    Our standard installation uses our KC-SEOv5 Theme (the one you see now) with slight modificiations to the styles.
    We do provide additional services to create custom headers and images for sites if necessary.

  • Domain Name Registration & Transfer

    Clients register their own domain names and “point” (transfer) them to the correct location.
    We can help with this and often do so (mainly as it quickens the process!).

  • Proof Reading

    Please check all copy before it is supplied! We do not correct errors – we simply add things to the site for you!

  • Sourcing Images

    The client is responsible for finding high quality, royalty free, images or paid images to use on their site.

    Please check copyright restrictions before supplying images.