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On this page you will find the KC-SEOv5 Theme that you’re looking at right now. This theme has been optimized for search engines but to *really* optimize it fully you’ll need to head over to our WordPress blog on SEO, plugins and themes.

Here are the themes we currently have available:

KC-SEOv5 Theme: Frequently Asked Questions
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    What is the “originals” sub-folder in the /images/ directory for?

    We’ve provided you with the original backgrounds for your logo in PNG format. This is so you can add your logo and have it fit with the gradient effect used.

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    I want a red version of the KC-SEOv5 theme. Please can you make me one?

    We already have done. Simply download the KC-SEOv5 X-Mas theme and in the style.css file, change the background from images/bg-head-snow.png to images/bg-head.png. This will replace the snowflake patter with a red gradient background effect.

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