We aim to meet the needs of the majority of clients that have a good understanding of the benefits of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Our sites are purposely built to cater to customers that know the value of search engine rankings and already know what their target market is.

We can aid such clients by providing sites that are powerful enough to leverage search engine strategies.

Before starting on any project, we recommend clients have the following items prepared to help speed up the Development process:

  1. Copy for a minimum of 10 pages to be added to the site
  2. A suitable webhosting environment (Apache server running PHP and MySQL)
  3. Domain name fully propagated
  4. FTP details
  5. CPanel or similar login details
  6. Images (paid or royalty free)
  7. An idea of the keywords that are to be ranked for

We will not accept clients that purposely delay delivery of a site. We reserve the right to terminate a project if it is deemed that the client is unwilling to provide the materials that have been requested in a timely fashion.