We can also provide the following services:

  • Header & Button images
    If necessary, We can create (or re-create) existing headers as well as produce 3 buttons for your site.

    • Header – £70
    • 3 Buttons (“Sign-Up”, “Download”, “Add To Cart” – or whatever text you would like to have) – £30
    • Individual buttons – £12.50 each.
  • Virtual Product Shots
    • CD Cover & CD – £30 per image
    • Singular CD – £25 per image
    • DVD cover – £25 per image
    • Book cover (paperback or hardback) – £25 per image
    • “Box” shots – £30 per image

    All images will be web resolution (72dpi). High resolution print quality versions for can also be supplied and is dependent on the quality of the image supplied.

  • Cart Integration
    This is an additional service as this can be very time intensive depending on how many products you wish to add to the site.
    We can help recommend and also install a cart into your site if you find you have downloadable products that you wish to sell. We can even show you “how to use” the cart to if necessary.

    • Rate: £80 per hour.
  • Site Support
    Once the website is build, we offer 2 weeks support to make sure you get to know how to use the site and make minor adjustments. After this point, the site is “signed off” and you’re free to do with it as you wish.

    Because the site’s we build are essentially ready for you to start adding your own content, there is usually no need for you to contact me about adding new content to the website. Unlike other companies that make money from insisting that they make changes on your behalf, we believe that a client should have total control over their website to add and remove things as they please, without being forced to pay for it. After all, it’s your website, you should have full control over the editorial content and should not be held hostage or be unable to change things as quickly as *you’d* like.

    However, we understand that at times there may be some need to add new things to the website. For example, clients may request certain plugins to be added or some help may be required as they may have messed up their website in some way.

    • Site Support: £80 per hour (minimum call-out of 1 hour).