Do you need a site up quickly? We can help – assuming that you already have your copy, site structure and idea for your website ready!

At Knowledge Constructs we can build a site between 5 days and a month. A full site build is dependent on how quickly you provide the required resources such as website hosting login details, site copy and images.

If you have these ready, then we can turn a site round for you pretty quickly!

Some examples: (currently under construction).
This site actually only took 3 days to put the site “foundations” up, add the images and links and build the overall site structure. The client provided the graphics (header graphic and product shot) and the first page of the site. All that the site need is the copy and the images, however this is up to the client to provide. There are a few minor modifications that are required on this site – such as contact form details but, apart from that, the site is ready to go. (again, under construction).
Again, this site only took 4 days to have the “foundation” in place. The site structure, pages and layout are very simple to add as we know exactly what to build. On this project, we had to help the client with the header design and product shot graphic. The site is ready to go live once minor modifications are made.

The reason why we can build these sites quickly is that we now have a template and system in place to get your site up quickly.

A bespoke theme or site design will increase the build time and may also affect the price (as it’s trickier to build a custom made theme and then check it through for search engine optimisation purposes!).