At Knowledge Constructs, we love breaking the mould. We’re constantly looking at ways to push the boundaries of WordPress in terms of Plugins and Themes. We can tell that we’ve gone beyond the limits that most WordPress Theme Developers – we’ve even left Lorelle on WordPress “speechless” with the way we use our themes.

So we must be doing something right! Right? :)

Unlike other WordPress Theme Developers, we build our theme sets with a core set of plugins in mind – even before we begin work on creating the visual layout. We have a set of plugins that we love to use that provide flexibility to a theme but also ensure that our themes are focused on solid, up-to-date, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.

Not only do we ensure that the themes and plugins that we use are the best possible selection for SEO but we are also extremely aware of the need to ensure our sites can also be easily read by users with accessibility issues. By planning each element carefully within our themes, we also make sure that our themes can still be read in screen readers.

Our most recent bespoke WordPress theme for NLP World (UK) is a new design that we created using a technique that we like to call the “WordPress Semi-Static Homepage”. While WordPress now provides the functionality to use either a “static” page or your most recent posts as your homepage, nothing can compare to the unique “Semi-Static” techniques that we use.

The Semi-Static Homepage for WordPress enables site authors complete flexibility and control over various elements on their website. The site authors at NLP World are now able to change the copy on each homepage section easily and simultaneously have a randomized set of products displaying on the same page as the most recent blog posts.

The major difference between the WordPress Themes that we build at Knowledge Constructs and other WordPress Theme Developers is that we view WordPress to be more than just a blog. It is precisely because we think of WordPress as a Content Management System which enables us to create WordPress Themes for site owners that are powerful and will also help with their SEO efforts.

We are currently in the process of developing a more generic WordPress Search Engine Optimized theme.

Stay tuned.

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