ubfunkeys.jpgIt’s great having kids. You get to play with stuff and re-live your youth.

Or not, as the case maybe. I mean, I remember Action Man with the eagle eyes and playing with the Evel Knievel wind up toys (if you were lucky! Man, I’m showing my age…). I don’t seem to remember having to plug things in; download drivers and then spend a couple of hows working out why the damn USB connection doesn’t seem to work and then having to visit the website, trawl through FAQs to find the patch so that you can actually start “playing”.

What am I talking about? Well, it’s some new toy for kids to nag their parents about getting and then have to collect the entire set. Of which there are apparently over 40 of them!

Anyway, funnily enough, there is another tip I’ll be writing about today – although it’s not one on WordPress.

Trust me though – if you have kids and they have one of these new “UB Funkeys”. You might need these tips just to save on a lot of hassle later on!

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Okay so if you’re a parent, I’d recommend you brace yourself for a constant stream of “Dad, can we buy a…” type questions. My little boy has just recently been given a U.B. Funkey starter set by his Mum and is now after the remaining 40+. I have to say, toy manufacturers are very clever in their marketing. The basic business model being very similar to linkbaiting (TV ads giving info on the product), purchasing the initial product and upselling the entire product range. Nice one guys. I can definitely learn something here… If I can only get the hype right :)


Anyway, my first tip is that the “Funkey” we had didn’t work straight away. The disc with the game and the drivers on it seemed to have problems installing. If you find you have this problem, then you can get a “UB Hub Patch” by going to the UB Funkeys website. This seemed to fix the problem (after at least 45 minutes trying to install and re-install, checking USB port connections etc.!).

The second tip is: Make sure you install UB Funkeys on the computer you want to play it on!

Why? Well, basically moving a character profile is a pain in the butt because there aren’t any guides on how to move your new character from one computer to another! This product’s so new, there’s no forum on it. Luckily, I’m the type of person with enough PC experience and also persistence to work something like this out. So moving the character data from my “work machine” to the “home machine” (where it should’ve been installed in the first place!) only took about an hour once I’d had a proper look at the set up of the folders…

Anyway, if you do find you need to move your Funkey character from one PC to another then don’t despair. It *is* possible to do. Initially, my little boy was disappointed because he’d played for a couple of hours and bought a few things for his “crib”. Installing the game on the home machine, we found that moving the character over was a little tricky and we thought we had to start over from the beginning.

Not so.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to: C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame\data\
  2. Inside this folder you should find your character profile name as a folder (i.e. \YourFunkey’sName\ at the end).
  3. Copy your character folder (most importantly, the “profile.rdf” file that’s inside this folder) to your other machine. The location must be the same.
  4. Go to C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame\data\system
  5. Copy the “users.rdf” file from the first PC to the \system\ folder of the one you want the game to run on.

And that’s it. You’re all done and the UB Funky game should now run properly and give you the choice of characters in your “login” screen.

Anyway, I hope that helps some people out. I’m sure over time there’ll be a utility to do this or something. For the moment, this is your best bet if you need to move your character over.

My final tip is, if your kid has one of these then at some point other kids in their class with probably want to get some too. If they all buy different Funkeys, then simply trading them (instead of buying them at £4.99 each!) will save a lot as you really only need the Funkey to unlock certain areas in the game. Much better to leverage your friend’s Funkey instead of forking out nearly £200 notes, I think…

Next post, I’ve got a couple of tips and I’ll be back to my usual WordPress specialities and general ramblings! Got a few other tips as well some updates on FAQ-Tastic (as well as a few other things).

*WTH – for some reason, my no-so-little girl (and her tiny friends) have started using the phrase “What The How?”. It’s quite endearing as they know they’re not really allowed to say “What the Hell” but it sounds very close. Gotta love how ingenious kids can be with wordplay…

Now… if I can only find out what the how “Emo” means (as I understand it, the term describes a type of person)… Answers on a comment please!