Great Tips For Visiting Delray Beach, Florida.

So I’m out here in Florida for an Internet Marketing event (Rich Schefren’s Acceleration seminar) and I’m a day early. I managed to get a flight and save around ¬£140 just by travelling a day earlier. First top tip: if you want to get a cheap flight, then try using It’s really cool and they’ve got a 90 day graph showing you the fare trends (if it’s going up or down) and also things like an Ajax real-time filtering so you can refine your search to exactly the times you want to land or take off.

Tip #1: What To Wear
Trust me, you really need to get some shorts and light clothes (t-shirts as light as possible) if you’re thinking of coming to Floriday this time of year. It’s *seriously* hotter than a hot thing with a big helping of hotness and some extra hot on the side. I was up at 7:00am this morning and out the door by 7:30 in search of breakfast and it was already getting toasty. Much hotter than Brighton is at the moment. I was roasting by 9:30 when I left the Green Owl restaurant on E. Atlantic Avenue. Also, don’t be stupid and forget to bring your sunglasses – I was nearly blinded by the rays and this was about 8:00am… Damn my eyes!

Tip #2: Don’t Walk
So because I am *so* not dressed appropriately, I figure that a good bet would be to head somewhere where I can get some clothes and also maybe do a little shopping for my boy (i.e. Lego stuff). I figured Target would be a good bet. Asking some locals about where there might be one, I’m told that there’s one about a mile down the road on Linton Blvd just before the I95. “Great!” I think “A mile isn’t too far and I’m used to walking in Brighton“. Big mistake!
An hour later and a gallon of sweat – not to mention stopping off in Walgreens, Rack Room Shoes and Wolf Camera (just to make use of the air conditioning!) – I get to Target. I would definitely suggest NOT walking after 07:00AM in Delray. Not unless you like deserted streets and sweating profusely. Which brings me nicely on to Tip #3.

Tip #3: Using The Bus In Delray Beach.
Definitely do this – use the bus instead of walking after the hour of 7:00am in Florida! Do NOT walk from Altantic Avenue to Linton Boulevard! Not only is the bus air conditioned (really nicely chilled) but it’s cheap too – $1 and a quarter ($0.25c to you Brits). Something I found interesting – you can put your bike on the front of the buses! That was a pretty cool idea – I like that. In order to stop the bus, they’ve got these string things you pull on the side – a bit different to the little buttons we get to push on buses in Brighton. Also, according to the locals, the bus runs every 20mins if you’re travelling North to South and about every hour if you’re going East to West.

Tip #4: Buying Shorts in Target
Target is a great place for cheap clothes. I would definitely recommend it. But just beware of buying cheap shorts – the buttons on these go pretty quickly if you’re not careful. I’d suggest getting some Wrangler shorts as these have the sturdy buttons that aren’t sewed on – much better, heavier duty stuff.

Tip #5: Drinking Water and Sunscreen.
OMG – do not forget either of these. You*will* die otherwise. Oh, and buying some Aloe gel from Walgreens for after you’ve tanned helps soothe the skin if you’ve been out in the sun too long!

Tip #6: Getting A Wi-Fi Connection At The Marriott Delray Beach, Florida
Unlike the Marriott in Downtown Atlanta, the internet connection in the Marriott, Delray Beach is complementary. No need to pay $12.95 so that you can just check your email or surf for a bit. The connection is also pretty good – I’m writing this post while using it! However, they don’t really tell you how to set it up and assume that the connection will just magically work. It didn’t for me but here’s a very top tip if you have problems getting online at the Delray Beach Marriott: 1) Fire up a browser and 2) type in (this is localhost) and it should bring up the local server that the Marriott uses in your browser, 3) Check the terms & conditions and accept them 4) You should now be online and can check your email etc.!

Tip #7: Weight Loss
If you want to lose weight, then all you need to do is come to Delray Beach and walk around in a lot of layers. I’m pretty sure that you’ll lose a lot of weight if you do this for 5 days.

Tip #8: Hotties On A Hot Day On Delray Beach Beach (the actual beach bit)
(Apologies in advance to any women reading my blog – I’m just going to tell it like it is…!). There are none. Well – not many. Not in Delray. It’s a family type beach event so don’t expect much at all. You might be lucky and see some nice looking “laydees” I think the term is – however, to much amusement, my friend Alex found that some of the girls here look *much* older than they actually are. I’m saying nothing but he knows what I’m talking about ;) . Apparently, the place to go is South Beach if you’re after something a little “wilder”, according to the locals I’ve spoken to…

Tip #9: Cameras and Video Cameras
Okay – this isn’t technically a tip, it’s more of something to bear in mind. Your hotel room will have air conditioning. As soon as you step outside and reach for your camera / video camera you may experience condensation in the lenses. Probably best to make sure that your camera is already out if you need to takes pictures in a hurry – otherwise you’re just going to get blurry pictures!

Extra Bonus Tip
The best tip I can give you is to travel extensively and talk to people. You meet some great people at these Internet Marketing events. People are wonderful. Don’t be afraid to talk to people – they will amaze you and provide you with some excellent advice. And probably the best advice I can give you is to listen to those people giving great advice, no matter who they are!

Why do you think I’m at Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits Acceleration seminar? ;)

 Additional, Morning Extra Extra Bonus Tip:
If you’re going to party with a bunch of Internet Marketers then I’d recommend pacing yourself when it comes to the drinks (these boys like to party hard!). When getting a round at the bar, get yourself a Coke or Pepsi and drink those in between. This will restrict the amount of alcohol you can get in your system and also provide sugars that your body will need when you have a hangover the next morning. Trust me… This tip is actually for myself and I’m writing a heavy head right now!